Jan 7, 2018


Well, not only did 2017 go fast, the new year is already blazing past. I haven't even fully set up my resolutions yet!

Last year, I set myself up for a year support. As in, helping others as much as I can. It turned into things I totally didn't expect: starting a local book club for asexual reads, growing my freelance work, diving into voluntary groups at work, reading lots of indie books, learning a lot about different identities and experiences, and donating money to causes from space research to memorials for 80s AIDS victims. I dived into the local writing community too, and somehow got wrapped up into being a municipal liaison for NaNoWriMo teaching workshops and helping others reach word counts.

Taking down Writer's Block in November.

I felt good about myself, but as the year went on I started to realize things. Namely that it had been, well, a year and some things hadn't changed.

I have now officially lived in Chicago for three Christmases, longer than any other place in my adult life. I have lived in the same house for the entire time, way longer than the 6 months I thought I'd be here, and despite having toured apartments nine months ago.

I still use a card table in my kitchen, I still don't have all my art up. And when cleaning up for the holidays spotted everything from a model rocket I meant to set off in August to a croqueted scarf I started last January to an acorn squash I meant to cook with a month ago.

I, obviously, procrastinate. But some of that is because, I think, I also overthink. Why put up art if you don't think you'll be someplace long? Why move when your rent would double and you can't find the perfect apartment?

There is reason after reason why I don't do things, and so this year I'm going to leap more. Think less about the built-up consequences (rejections, lost time, resulting opinions) and stick to deadlines (still testing a variety of apps to help with that, but I think I'm gonna use Wunderlist) and say yes to a few things my other thinking brain pushed me away from (networking, conferences, new adventures.)

It's a new year, and I'm going to spend less time dallying and more time getting stuff done. I already have art on my walls and recurring deadlines on my phone, attended an event I would have talked myself out of last year. 

2018 will be good. I can feel it.


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