Nov 11, 2017

NaNo 2017

Oh wow, it's been awhile, hasn't it?

And yet, here I am. Because I'm feeling that itch to write something, as long as it's anything other than my NaNo novel.

National Novel Writing Month is going surprisingly great this year. Except for two days, I've met my goal of 2K a day. This story is just flying from me, which is the oddest thing in the world because it's a contemporary romance.

Why am I writing such a thing?

Mainly because when I tried to fit my characters into a speculative setting, I just couldn't come up with one. So sad. But hey, if you force an aro and an ace to be in a fake relationship, I figure that needs enough attention without spicing things up.

(I blame my ace book club for this novel, because of the things we've read, nothing has felt wholly right.)

Sadly, because I'm me, this story is going to have a more bittersweet ending than a happy one. The more I write these two ladies, the more I realize sometimes you can't compromise. You can only hope your previous relationship doesn't end in tatters.

I was ridiculously happy seeing
my write-in advertised
 in a bathroom stall.
This year is also weird because I'm a Municipal Liason for my region. Yeah Gwen, let's just write a novel, manage a region, and do all the other freelance/9-to-5 stuff. Great idea.

But it's actually been pretty cool. NaNo always makes me brush up on my time management skills and the 'be productive!' mindset. I'm actually getting my errands and chores and adult things™ done on time. Whuuuut????

Course, we're not even 1/2 through the month and I know Thanksgiving will drag me down. Families can be so demanding, but honestly, I'd probably not have it any other way.


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