Feb 11, 2017

Paradigm Shift

January has been an odd month, mainly because I had a shift in how I perceive myself.

I now view myself as working in tech.

Which is weird, cuz I've always viewed myself as a marketing/writing girl. But it slowly crept up on me that people now ask my advice in using excel. I've joined a volunteer group focused on automating tasks. And I signed up for a hack-a-thon.

It's quite a whirlwind, because I would have never seen myself doing all this two months ago. And yet, despite the newness and strangeness of this, I feel inordinately proud about it. Go young women in tech!

This, of course, comes on the heels of Trump's new administration and having marched in the Women's March. It's sorta fuelled me to not just acknowledge, but embrace every part of me: hobbies, sexuality, gender, career.  Which involves being maybe overly proud of all of me and sending letters to my representatives in Washington.

Gotta hand one thing to Trump - he's pushed a lot of people to get involved in politics.

January's be interesting from a writing point of view too. I did a presentation on editing at a local library, submitted to several short story markets, somehow always have a copywriting client, and am making great progress on Stars. It's the beginning of the year, but things already feel positive  ^_^


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