Aug 28, 2016


This week, I have found a crowd I never thought of before but immediately felt welcomed by.

Public transit commuters.

We sit on trains and crack open books. We leave the station and walk fast, weaving between people and jockeying to be on the curb edge. Our outfits are cute, we are going to the office, but practical. Nothing tight. Lots of flats. Backpacks. My favorite was a woman in a loose pencil skirt with brightly colored gym shoes. We don't block traffic.

It all reminds me of how much I disliked tourists in San Francisco, because these people are so not like them it's amazing. And the few I run into on Michigan Ave. Move people. Open your maps in doorways or against the window of a store.

In other words, despite my new 1hr long commute, I'm not minding at all.

Except when I miss my train cuz of drinks with co-workers.

I like to walk along the river from train station to work.


  1. I used to have an hour commute, so an area I could actually see from the top of my road! Now I work a 5 minute walk from work - it's nice, especially in bad weather, but I do miss the bus/walk and seeing the same people daily.

    1. I jumped from a 15min drive to a drive, train, walk (or bus if it's rainy), but so far it's worth it ^_^ I don't see regulars, other than the train staff. Maybe I will once I do this a bit longer. Then again, by that time maybe I'll move downtown. It had always been the plan originally - to move into Downtown Chicago.