May 11, 2016

So, my present job is a lot of website writing. My current project is an overhaul of pages about a continuing medical educational program at a local health care group. I go through a lot of copy. As I'm also intensively editing and hyper focused on word counts (a 250 word synopsis of Stars was harder to put together than I thought) in the writing part of my life, I'm finding this easy.

It's kinda cool actually, using things I've learned from a hobby about trimming word count and keeping clarity in the money-making job. But every once in awhile I come across a sentence I desperately want to fix but know, impossibly, that it's correct.

[Co] must be able to document that it owns the copyright for or has received permission for use of or is otherwise permitted to use copyrighted materials within the CME activity on the Internet.
 Ew, jargon and technical writing. I wanna add commas, but then phrases are off. I'll just have to settle for rewrites of entire sections for the laymen. Cuz no one reading these pages will be lawyers.

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  1. I was a copywriter, so I feel your pain! Clients wanted to use particular phrases for SEO, and they usually sounded awful. The things people search for aren't usually grammatically correct ;)