Apr 13, 2016

Zootopia is Not as Cute as the Media Makes it Out to Be

Zootopia, when I first saw the ads, looked like a cute Disney movie. When it blew up in my Tumblr feed, I knew I had to see it. It looked adorable. So I did. And cute is not what I would label the film as.

I mean, I know Disney has been producing family movies lately. Entertainment to both kids and their parents, and I've always seen the 'cute' part of movies to be the kid part. Zootopia has it's cute moments, yeah, but the plot....

Maybe it's just cuz I'm in a similar situation to the main character - Judy Hopps. New to the professional, new(ish) to a city, and thinking I'll do great things only to find myself shuffled into tracks I hadn't imagined/wanted. Judy is stereotyped for being a bunny, considered a 'token' officer and not someone of any skill, and ultimately has to risk her career just for the chance to do what she's always wanted to do - help others.

30-40 minutes into the movie she runs across Nick who gives her a spiel equivalent to the dismissal of American, or any dream. You came to the city to do something great, because Zootopia is advertised as the place where anyone can be anyone. But you'll learn, that's false. You will not achieve your dream, you'll go home in tears, and quietly accept that things will never change.

I mean, honestly, this movie takes on sexism, stereotyping, glass ceilings, interracial relationships,  you name it. It's not the first to do it. It's not the first Disney movie either, but it's the first where I felt it was so obvious. Very little of this movie was 'cute', it was an upfront take on society.

And I love it for that. It speaks to me with bunnies and foxes and malicious rams. It's one of those odd pieces of fiction that aren't just stories I enjoy, but that I imagine while I'm on the treadmill or staring at a work project. If Judy can do it.....

(Similarly, I feel the same way about Hamilton. >.<)


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