Apr 23, 2016

Stars 2.0 is done!

I finished my quick and dirty edit of Stars earlier this week! I already have some edits in mind for version three, based on what my crit group wants to see more of (dark stuff and sex, which boggles me and I might fight cuz this is YA). I'm gonna let it sit for a bit before I shop it around at BookCon.

Before that though, I'm doing a story wall for The Writing Journey this weekend. They're group brainstorming session for a side problem I have that I want solve so I can lead it into a potential sequel. Putting it together, I realized just how many moving pieces Stars has. Trying to explain it all in an elevator pitch is going to be hard.

1 comment:

  1. Yay for editing! YA seems to be in flux at the moment. Soon there'll be no distinction between YA and adult, which rather defeats the object! (Oh dear, by using the word rather, I have suddenly turned into my mother...)