Jan 11, 2016

Words with Friends

This week was amazing. Because I've done something I haven't done since NaNo, and it felt so organic as opposed to stressing to meet a goal.

I wrote every day.

Well, a combination of writing/editing/and two hours on Saturday compiling a list of markets to submit a story to and then putting them in submission order under the assumption the first five probably won't accept said story. (fingers cross for #1 regardless - an independent women's anthology)

A big part of that is an RPCV friend. This year, we did NaNo together. We'd call to work out plot issues, encourage each other, go back and forth on who was leading in word count.

This was her first year completing it, and she's super awesome and wanted to dive straight into editing. Most of my NaNo novels sat for a year first. At least. -_-

But she told me around Christmas that her resolution was to go to Starbucks every day after work to revise for a bit before dinner. And she wanted to do it with me, via Internet of course cuz I'm in Chicago and she's in Seattle.  So I said yes and we planned to telemeet 4x a week.

Tuesday were the off day - because my NaNo write-in group still meets to write then.

And then Saturday she called to say if I wanted to write still.

And Sunday I went to a 3 hr crit session .

Every single day. Write, write, write.  And surprisingly, I haven't gotten burned out. (though that could be the project bouncing)

A huge part of that is my friend - it's a different style of writing now. Unlike NaNo, where we put our heads down and type away, I can pause and ask a question - name for a knight? What direction should this scene go? Is this sentence confusing? what's the proper way to describe black hair?- and get an answer right away from someone who understands the craft. It's a little different from my usual conversations with my sister which is essentially us bouncing ideas back and forth off each other, stating events and thinking of consequences.  Now it's making sure tone is right, connecting action to motivations, and coming up with exact dialog. And obsessing over grammar.


That sounds too simple a word.

I regularly seek out and interact with other writers - but this is the first time I feel like I've had an accountability system in place. And while I might have gotten more done on my own, I feel like I'm getting more productive work done.

But most importantly, I'm just happy that writing merged so seamlessly into my life. (I'm keeping up with workouts?!) During November I felt like I was sacrificing things. And now I'm not.

It's a good start to the New Year.


  1. Awesome. Sounds like a great week. I love the idea of writing in coffee shops, but when I'm at home it seems daft to leave, and after work I have to get home to walk the dog. I tend to reserve my coffee shop sessions for writing queries, when I need distraction.

  2. that sounds wonderful! a writing session with a friend. It sounds wonderful just to try it on my own, too! Steal a few moments before I have to enter my domestic "bliss" - keep up the great work =)