Jan 31, 2016

Best Read of January - The Unwritten

This month has been full of graphic novels for me. And they're all very interesting stories. I'm making my way through Saga, Ultimate Spider Man, as well as Ms Marvel. People rave about Ms Marvel, for good reason, but it's not the favorite of what I've been reading this month. It's too... formulaic.

cover for The Unwritten vol 1 by Mike Carry
Instead, what captured my heart is The Unwritten. It's a graphic novel series, obviously,written by Mike Carey and the reason why I fell in love with it is that is speaks to my writer soul. I've mentioned it before. 

The series follows Tom Taylor - the son of the famous author Will Taylor whose fantasy series is very Harry Potter-esque. The book series's main character is Tommy Taylor - frequently thought to be inspired by Tom.

Except there are those who believe Tom and Tommy aren't character and muse but one and the same. Tom is Tommy to some people of the world, and when strange things start happening - things Tom recognizes from his missing father's work - Tom finds himself living parts of stories. Even jumping into them.

Since I'm also a bit of a cultural studies nerd, I love all the little side things in here - newspaper articles and interviews with professors - that talk about the interception of stories with culture and how they nurture each other. Stories in these series are so much more than just stories - and not just for Tom. There's the little girl who pretends to cast charms on her window and take down school bullies, the jail warden who uses the books as a connection to his children.

So yeah, this series is a bit meta. But I love the art and I love the story. There's adventure and mystery, and yes mini analyses into the craft of stories and how they are used. The Unwritten simply speaks to me on so many levels.


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