Dec 3, 2015

It's Decemeber~!

While for most people, December = Christmas, right now I'm just thinking of it as a sign that NaNaWriMo is over. I'm allowing myself to read books again (in fact, Rick Riordan's new one is my post-NaNo treat).

I did pretty good this year, hit 50K easy with no sprint and concentrated will at the end, but my story is not quite done. Each year, NaNo is a little different and I feel like I'm getting better at identifying issues with first drafts. This year, I think I concentrated too much on my secondary characters. Or rather, not enough on my MC. I don't know, it just feels like she was a tool to tell the story through, the eyes on a new world. She doesn't feel solid until about 30K into it.

This year is also a first in that what I was thinking would be one book might actually be....three. I'm not sure how to handle that. Churning out a novel is so hard for me, my stories just naturally fall shorter than that, and now I'm looking at this huge thing that's hard to connect.

Well, first things first. Finish the story and find a beta reader. And then go back to editing Stars, because that book is one where I'm behind more then just the story. If anything, I want that one to be my breakout book.

On top of NaNo, November was pretty crazy. I found a part time job, and that's an adventure in and of itself. It's not my first job, but it is my first foray into 'the adult world'. I have co-workers and a boss I interact with in person on a regular basis. (Peace Corps pretty much had none of that and my most recent student job was me running a store by myself.) I have, gah, deliverables. And that's just weird.  I've also been selling myself as a freelancer on a few sites and at networking events with some degree of success. It's still so weird to think that people want to pay me to write company memos.

(Some of them are really depressing though. Like telling employees there will be no work/paycheck for Dec. Or to stop asking for pay raises.)

Still. Now that I've been here for twoish full months, I feel like I'm settling into Chicago. NaNo helped immensely. Going to region events and hosting my own write-in made sure I got out of the house and talked to people other than cashiers. And when I showed up to write at the cafe yesterday, my entire write-in group came too even though NaNo is now over. It's almost like...friends. (Which might sound a bit depressing, but I usually think of three months to be the mark of starting to build a social circle in a new place. Not quite there yet.)

Overall, NaNo was good. November was good. Got to spend Thanksgiving with the family, it's been 3yrs since that happened. It was nice to celebrate with them again and reconnect with the neighbors. (Friday has been Neighborgiving for years at this point.)
Mom's been wanting a Santa photo for years, so here's me with my sis, host sis, and cousin.

Life is moving forward slowly. Couldn't ask for more. Well, convincing my landlady to let me get a cat would be awesome.


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