Oct 22, 2015

Monster Hunt

Because I'm unemployed and alone in the house, I've been trying to get through my To-Watch list. Mostly done with Buffy the Vampire Slayer at this point, and caught up on Suits.

The other night I watched Monster Hunt, which is a Chinese fantasy movie. I don't even know why I put it on my list, I'm guessing cuz io9 mentioned it and I respect that website like none other, but when I pulled up the trailer I couldn't help but wonder what in the world I was getting myself into.

It's an mpreg, as we call it on the fanfiction sites I lurk on more than I should. Also known as a male pregnancy story. Typically I avoid them like the plague, but this was a film people were talking about so.....

I'm actually super glad I watched it. It was hilarious, if a little weird. And the mpreg was just one short element of an overreaching story whose twist at the end I honestly didn't see coming. (But maybe others will.) Plus, awesome graphics. Though the songs were just plain old confusing. I think something was lost in the translation.

It was well worth the watch and I'm probably gonna force a few friends to see it, just so I have someone to talk about it with. But at least one drink is required for the viewing. Well, not really, but you'll laugh more.


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