Aug 18, 2015


Oops! Sorry guys. Last week was my last of school, I thought I had my posts all scheduled, but I had them as drafts instead. Dang. Anywhere, here's more from A View that Lacks Stars.

The Modified Human Colonial Union (MHCU) is a corporate entity. That is, five companies discovered planets or moons they had an interest in which were close together (for space distances) and decided to pool their funding to build a space station in a central location. This station, called the Gibson Space Station or Gibson, serves as the local trade hub between the Union worlds as well as other entities. It also serves as the head quarters for the five companies who make up the MHCU.

These companies are Spire, Guardian, Fasika, Bionic, and King. Each company named it's colonized planet or moon after itself. So the planet Spire is owned by Spire Co. Due to the Moon Failure, the MHCU decided not to modify the worlds, but rather modify the colonists who would live and work there harvesting resources.

Spire colonists were given wings, to allow them to reach the tree tops of the gigantic berhanu trees whose fruit cures the the common cold. To accommodate the wings, their torsos were altered to be broader, contain more back muscles, and extra lung capacity. Sadly, it wasn't enough and while Spire colonists can glide they don't have the muscle strength to get airborne.

Those introduced to Guardian were designed for mine work because the company wants the planet's ore. Colonists were given an extra set of lungs to combat the thin atmosphere and ashy air from volcanoes on half the planet. They've also been given night vision and more muscles to improve efficiency in the mines.

Fasika's a clothing company specializing in fur and a hot commodity it the pelts of creatures called dimets. Colonist of this moon were modified to hunt it, with speed enhancements and claw like toes that work like cleats on the icy surface. They've also been given blubber layers to survive the cold and the colonists are considered the most successful, as for how the genetic alterations took.

Bionic residents are mainly factory workers that put together robots. The colonists have the least amount of modification, just finger adjustments to assemble tiny parts and thick skin to handle acid rain. It's also the one MHCU world that has a tourism industry, but that's on one mountain chain away from the flat plains of the factories.

King is a jewelry company looking to replace the pearls and stones of Earth. One pearl replacement is from this planet. King is mainly water with only a few islands and the colonists were giving gills and webbed fingers and toes. The gills failed though, so pre-built underwater villages are now empty ruins and the islands are crowded to the point your bed is shared with two to three others on scheduled sleep shits you only see as you enter or exit.

While the technical term for the colonists is 'modified human', it's typically shortened to modhum and each modhum type has it's own negative slur on Gibson.

Because Gibson is ruled by the companies who modified the colonists and own the worlds they live on, the companies have given no legal rights to modhums. They are seen, at best, as indentured servants, and worst animal labor. The planet side colonists, with very restricted access to Gibson, aren't aware of this sadly.


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