May 29, 2015

Ruby's Bowl

Cat looking at a goldfish mermaid in a bowl, art by Qinni
Art by Qinni

Sophafillia had noticed the mermaid as soon as the family had come home from the carnival. It was stunned, barely moving as it stayed in the center of the tied off bag.  When it was dumped in a bowl with the other prize fish, it trashed around a bit, but quickly settled.

She jumped on the counter to get a closer look but Derek shooed her back onto the floor.  "Look out for the cat, she might go after the fish."

Mary didn't verbally respond, but moved the bowl from the kitchen counter to the taller shelf in the living room. The 'cat proof' shelf with no climbing aids near it.

Oh well. Sophafillia was a wizard, she had other means of reaching the shelf she would use later that night. There shouldn't be a mermaid in a fishbowl in a human dwelling, there shouldn't have been a mermaid in a twist-tie bag at a carnival game. She had to find out what had happened.

Sophafillia licked a paw and rubbed it behind her left ear.  She hated it when misplaced magical creatures entered her zone. It usually meant there was something serious she'd have to deal with.

Her owners' bedtime couldn't come fast enough.


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