May 25, 2015

Bring me story dreams

Yesterday was one of those weird days where suddenly I saw things in a new light. That or grad school is taking over my life.

I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with friends (which is absolutely hilarious) and kept thinking in the back of my head how it's a good example of balancing a cast of characters with individual traits. And dang if that retreat didn't remind me of the team skills class I had and the ropes course we did. When we leaving, we also had to try out a VR game set up in the lobby. We got to pretend to be T-1000s from the Terminator franchise.

There were other women there, telling us how to operate the game and sending us videos of how we did. And it was only after I left did I realize they must have been marketing reps.  I should have run back to ask what company they worked for, if only to not apply there now that I'm looking. I mean, yeah, I want to promote movies and this was a cool promotion, but I don't want to spend hours hanging out in a theater lobby. I want to think up the ideas and then sic the job on interns ^_^ 

This was a cool idea to think up: direct, engaging, shareable.  I can see the kids swarm on Saturday afternoons.

And then, while shopping at Target, the words "premium price product" came out of my mouth talking about dipping oil and I freaked myself out. Cuz who talks like that? Me. Me, apparently.

It feels like school is creeping in everywhere. I watch Game of Thrones and I think Dani, you have such terrible PR skills. I read a sports story and I think school caption, you have the makings of an excellent manager. I see an add and I think that goes against the current public brand image, what do they think they're doing? I even mull over the arrangement of my grocery store and glare at my Starbucks app when I realize how locked-in it has me. I judge start-ups (and there's a lot here in San Francisco) on where they lie in a variety of business strategy models and predict whether they will start or fail, if something I hearing about now will be mainstream enough for my Dad to hear about. 

But I didn't realize that just thinking about it would mean jargon rich conversations with friends instead of discussing the movie we had just seen.

I miss the days when my head was full of stories.

Almost done Gwen, you graduate in August. And then you can write away.


  1. Being the person who has the ideas is much better than being on your feet for 8 hours trying to get people to listen to them! August? You're almost there :-)

    1. An almost that seems so far away and so close at the same time.