Apr 20, 2015

Q is for Quyth

I have a feeling most of you have never heard of Quyth. It's from a book series I doubt a bunch of you had never heard of. So I'll take some time to explain it.

I found Scott Sigler's book The Rookie via iTunes in the podcast section and quickly fell in love. I've devoured all the books in the series, which is called the GFL. Or the Galactic Football League.
Sorry no planet picture, but since this is from a book series, one doesn't exist.

See, the stories are about space football. It's American Football, like you can watch on NFL here, but it's now its a game played with mixed species. Certain species's anatomy allows them to play certain positions better than others. The sport pretty much unites interplanet unions. Or rather, keeps conquered species occupied and reduces dissent against their leaders.

In The Rookie, Quentin Barnes's quarterback contract is sold to Gredock and he finds himself playing football on a multi-species team for the first time. What follows is story of learning how deal with different cultures, as well as the typical sports drama of winning titles. I love these books, I can't help but smile and laugh when I listen to them.

*Ahem* Quyth.

Quyth is the capital planet of the Quyth Concordia, which is populated mainly by Quyth the alien species. Quentin's new team owner is a Quyth and he now plays for the Krakens, named after a predator native to the planet. However, the team is based out of another planet named Ionath.


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