Mar 28, 2015


Monster King of Nag by Zarono

His favorite songs are those the humans have written about him. He enjoys the idea of six twenty-foot wings unfurling from his back. Or having four arms, each with claw tipped fingers, and feet so wide and sturdy his steps shake the earth and turned trees into splinters. Humans gave him the ability to create typhoons with his wings, squeeze the life out of three people at once with his tail, and a preference for skewering cows with this tusks and leaving them there for midnight snacks.

All exaggeration of course, for the King of Nag was really only five feet tall with two wings too weak for flight. He only had two hands, no claws, and feet with soft soles causing him to wear shoes. There was nothing special about him, not really.

Unless you counted the fact that the humans' perception of him could have been real. The previous Monster King had given him a choice - the image others had of him in his mind could be made real. As much as the potential to be the terrifying beast the humans thought him to be was, who didn't like feeling powerful and watching tiny creature flee before oneself, he found himself hesitant to select it.

What had made the human's ideas fun were because they were a possibility. It was something he could have achieved, if he wanted to. But it was only one. He could be the proud, strong brother his sister saw. He could be the runty and weak disappointment evident in his mother's upturned nose. So many possibilities, so many choices, he was hesitant to pick one because then the magic of the roads before him would disappear.

So he had told the previous Monster King he choose himself as he was then - everything at once in the eyes of those around him.

The previous King had smiled, handed over his staff, and he became the new Monster King of Nag.

His possibilities multiplied and so he listens to many songs.

Really need to get into the regular habit of this. Bi-weekly? But after A-to-Z of course.


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