Mar 13, 2015

Many of many

Shoggoth Summoner by Zarono

It's Friday the 13th, so I figure I'd share a creepy tale.

She had stood on the top of the hill near the village, basket of berries fallen at her feet, and watched the giant metal man attack her city. Everything Y'uha had thrown at it, the metal man had adopted to.

Rope to tie its legs and cause it to trip? It grew a back claw on both legs and an entire third leg to drag its two bound ones together. Shots at the glass parts? They were covered by sliding metal. Oil and gas on ground? It blew it away. Potions that froze and melted metal? It covered the holes with new metal.

She had watched Y'uha get smashed under three clawed feet and in her shock lost her ability to speak.

In silence, she buried her family and read the surviving books of the city's summoner. That's how she learned about me.

In silence, she spent the night in the cemetery talking with me through the soil mind to mind. That's how she learned how I could help.

I am a creature of many. Many eyes all over the world that can see through the soil above them. Many forms trying to show but instead bubble up temporarily before slipping back into the mass. Many thoughts of hunger, of freedom, desires. I am made of many, so I am many.

This makes me adaptable. I can fight the giant metal man in her memory, changing my form just as quick as it can. My many eyes have seen it attack three other cities and when she learned this she begged me to take form and fight it.

I told her it would take energy to come out of the ground and she offered it freely. It's been awhile since I've been loose in the world of fresh meat.

And since it is a Friday the 13th, here's an older creepy story of mine too.

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  1. Thanks for that. It's not like I needed the sleep or anything! :)