Feb 4, 2015

Looking Back on Fall Out Boy

Lately I've been on a Fall Out Boy kick. For which I highly blame Disney and Big Hero 6 for featuring the band's song 'Immortals' in the film.


But thinking of Fall Out Boy made me think of other groups big when they first came out. Dashboard Confessional. Panic at the Disco. My Chemical Romance. And that in turn made me think about a comment my AP English teacher said: MCR (and Katy Perry, thinking back on it) were amazing because they perfectly captured what it was to be a teenager.

At the time I scoffed and rolled my eyes. It was awkward thinking about your teacher being as excited as your peers to buy a CD.  And hey, he was like, 45. Maybe 50. He had no idea what he was talking about.

But listening to Fall Out Boy's new stuff, and some of their older ones too, I get it now.  I hear their songs, think back seven years, and can't help but think yep, it was like that. I didn't see it that way before, I just liked the lyrics and beats, but now I can see how the a song embodies an entire feeling.

And it's not just there. I saw it when I reread Harry Potter last year. JK Rowling is amazing at sitting in the teenage mindset and writing it. I couldn't see it when my own mind was in teenage space, I needed the distance, but I find this hindsight rediscovery incredible.  How I can approach something from different times in my life and see the reflection of the earlier one.

I haven't really noticed this in YA, not that I've read much of that lately (hello textbooks!), but I was wondering if you guys had.

Have you ever consumed media meant for a younger audience and felt as if it defined the younger you?


  1. I'm listening to the Ramones with a vengence (brilliant workout music), and I don't want to grow up either :-) I really have to get My Chemical Romance on my iPod.

  2. You pose a really interesting question that I have no answer to. My sense of self back then was so influx, I doubt that anything could have defined it for me. :)

    Great post!

  3. LOL! I will NEVER be older than 17, mentally speaking, so I have no idea what you're talking about. ;) Truthfully though, I've always felt music was the truest for of emotion. I adore the teenage mentality--the belief that you are unconquerable if you just go forward with confidence. I think life beats much of that out of us.