Jan 28, 2015

Content Creation for Social Media

I've been hanging around on social media a lot.  It's fun, and an essential part of both my school work and my marketing New Year's Resolution. And I've couldn't help but notice a few things.

Well, really one.

The popular 'social media stars' are those who produce a lot of content. With possibly the exceptions of Facebook.

Twitter users with lots of followers post a lot of original statements. Instragram users post a lot of photos they take. Vine and Youtube users do videos, Snapchat stars have photos, Tumblr users have a lot of original content too be it images, gifs, or stories.

Essentially, I've noticed a pattern that posting original work on a regular basis will bring users to you.

As a writer though, we run into issues with rights. I know a lot of magazines are looking for first rights, meaning you can't have posted the work you're submitting publicly before hand. Which I think includes blogs and social media? Sometimes such things are confusing. I'd love to know if someone can clear things up.

Anyway, I've been trying to think of what I can produce to share. I keep trying to do Friday Fiction, writing and sharing flash stories, but it slips my mind more often then not. So I'm asking the internet hive mind.

As a reader, what do you like seeing from authors on social media?
As a writer, what do you produce/want to produce for social media?

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  1. I really struggle with this, too, so I have no helpful answers for you. :-( But that is part of reason I started my #15tt tweet tales. One, it made me tweet several times each day. And two, it actually forced me to write some piece of fiction each day. Plus, it's so much fun reading the tweet tales other people come up with for the same word. :-) I hope you find a way to share content that feels comfortable for you!