Nov 28, 2014


Sister's Revenge by Viko
Cat snagged the foam octopus from her sister's hand and threw it out the driver's side window. It soared over the bridge railing into the water below.

Janet immediately starting wailing and pulling her hair.

"Janet, god damit-" Cat had to stop trying to free her locks in order to sharply pull the car back in the lane. "If you don't stop pulling my hair we'll go into the water too!"

The eight year old pulled her hand away but didn't stop screaming at the top of her lungs. "I'm telling Mom and Dad when they get home tomorrow!"

"And I'll just tell them you left it in the park."

Janet collapsed against the back seat, arms crossed in front of her chest. No point arguing. It was a common instance, Janet was always leaving toys places. And this wouldn't be the first time Cat got rid of something Janet had been using to annoy and was believed when Cat told their parents the toy had been left somewhere.

Cat smirked at Janet in the rear view mirror, but she didn't see the pout she expected. Instead Janet's face was scrunched up in concentration while her lips were moving. "Muttering Harry Potter spells under your breath won't help."

A huge, round pink thing came out of the water and slammed into the car. It was, without doubt, an octopus tentacle.

Cat was too busy screaming to pay attention to Janet's giggles of excitement. The tentacle wrapped around the car to lift it from the bridge before a second one pulled the driver and back doors off. There were people on the bridge shouting, but Cat was much more concerned with the shaking of the car.

Janet unclipped her seat-belt and fell, only to be caught by a suction cup. In a panic, Cat quickly undid hers too and jumped for her sister's foot. The octopus caught her instead, solid muscle twining around her torso. The car was tossed aside, sinking into the water, and Janet...Janet was laughing as she ran on a never ending road the octopus made for her from it's arms.

She was playing with the beast and the beast was playing back if the wrinkles by its eyes could be taken as a sign of laughter. Cat watched, held securely around the middle as Janet and the octopus frolicked, and wondering what to tell their parents.


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