Nov 21, 2014

Not Myself

Eating Rat by viko

Gary's wish, in hindsight, was pretty stupid. But how was he to know that making a wish on a shooting star the night of his birthday would turn out like this? When he said 'I wish I could be someone different for a day' he had been imagining himself to be stronger, smarter, more popular and confident at school. Because who he was did not get him Susie's attention.

He did not expect to turn into a woman. With boobs and...and things missing. With purple hair and dark eyes and easily taller than his mom. He had to sneak out of the house, because what would his mom say?

It felt weird, wearing the clothes he had woken up in. They were tight and revealing, nothing he'd wear himself, and he was getting a lot of looks. Looks he both hated and purred in pleasure over getting. He had a strange sensation of feeling the thoughts of a new person as well as the old him.

Habit had him board the number 12 bus to school, same time as he always had. And like always, there was Susie. She had a box of rats, it had been her turn to take the class pets homes, and Gary got a tingling in his arm. He wanted to do something he had never wanted to do before.

Slowly, watching his arm move as if it wasn't attached to him, Gary dipped his hand into the box and pulled out a rat. It felt like it took him eternity to do so, but it had to have been quick because no one even noticed he had done it until the white creature was squeaking above his head while Gary held it by the tail.

Gary knew he was most likely to let it go and lest likely to smile up at it and pretend to eat it. Which is of course exactly what his body did.

He heard gasps and screams, the squeaks from the mouse and Susie's sob of 'no'. The rat kept getting closer to his tongue.

No. Gary thought. No, this is not me. This is not what I wanted. I wish to be me again.

Wishing stars are powerful, using a lot of magic to make wishes come true. So they can't be taken back. 


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