Nov 15, 2014

NaNoWriMo Mid-way Report

I am a bit competitive.

I've gotten disapproving comments from being too rough during friendly pick-up games, I like to compare my progress to others, and when I start something with a deadline I usually finish it even if I procrastinate till the deadline's hours away.

Needless to say, I've won NaNo several times even if it's just a contest with myself (but I'm secretly hoping to reach 50K before my writing buddies.)

But this year was different. I don't know if I'm still getting over the difference in PC life and American life (I wrote a lot in Ethiopia, two NaNos, an additional 255K in fanfiction, and whatever random short stories flitting around on my harddrive). I used to curl on the armchair with my computer and type after dinner. Now it's school work or blogging or random internet stuff. Maybe it's just school getting in the way.

August, September, October, I didn't do much writing. Okay, it was a pitiful amount of writing, maybe a few thousand all three months together. But I did some critiques. Did some edits. And realized there was no way I'd reach 50K this year for NaNo.

I still planned out a story - your average angel/demon war YA adventure. Except, if people talk about the devil walking amongst us due to him being reincarnated/possessing a human it only makes sense God would do the same thing too, right? I don't know, never seen a 'I'm possessed by God story' that wasn't Christian fiction.

B~ut, back to NaNo.  I plotted. I figured out characters. And decided to go about things slowly this year, only writing when I have time (again by hand, because why not and it's easier to carry my notebook around then my laptop). So I wouldn't hit 50K. Maybe 30, and that's still a good chunk of a story.

(What's it say that all my novels are NaNos? Everything I right in the mean time is usually shorter stuff. Case in point, yesterday, and now weekly sharing of drabbles.)

But nope. As of now, I have maybe, maybe 3K. As in, three thousand. No where near where I had expected to be.
Yes, that's a page 15 in the corner, and no I don't have more on the next page.

And like before this started, it's hard to figure out where my writing time went. Internet? (Okay, Tumblr eats up a lot of time) Hanging out with people? (Couldn't do that much in Huruta) Or maybe I just lost the habit of making time for it after having so much. The most I've done in a sitting was at a write-in. Scheduled writing time. In previous years, I would make sure I'd set aside time to do it. Consciously not do other things to write, stay up late to meet a word count, take my notebook to a cafe for an hour.

Only during NaNo though. For normal, regular writing I wait for inspiration to hit and then I binge. I think I've mentioned that before. An idea hits me, I sit and write it, and a few hours (or days, depends on length and evening free time) later I have a complete story in front of me.

Maybe, as I'm starting to really figure out, NaNo, and novels, just aren't for me. They're not a form I write well (or at least, not yet) and not one I naturally gravitate towards. Or maybe the structure of NaNo, as much as it rials up my competitive nature, is not the best way for me to write.

What have you guys noticed? Do you have a different writing process during NaNo then other times of the year?

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  1. Sometimes NaNo is great, sometimes not. You're in a different situation to the ones you've been in previously. I did it once. I wrote without thinking (I didn't even plan the story except for the first line!!), just to get the word count up - but it's not something I will ever do again. It was fun, but I hated that I wasn't thinking. My 'novels' usually take several years to come to fruition.

    Maybe shorter stuff is best for you. Next year, try writing two novellas ;-)