Nov 14, 2014


Art by Rubens-Oscroft

He had been warned many times when he first started building his factory by the sea.

The land here is different from where you come from. 

Take care of the land if you don't want to lose it.

There's a reason we're farmers and not smelters, don't posion the land.

Be nice, or it will walk away.

All such warnings he brushed off as local concern for future health, but surely they won't mind so much when they saw the profits a factory could bring in. He mined the soil and placed the wastes in piles near his door. He laughed at the hard working people behind their cows while he looked up at the chimney tops of hard working machines. 

And then one day the ground shook and groaned. The land around him rose up, turning into hills, into the ridges of a spinal colnum, into a man that towered over the factory.

"I've had enough, I'm leaving."

The land walked away and his factory fell into the sea.


This week's art is again brought to you by Rubens-Oscroft and it's titled Greenman.


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