Oct 16, 2014


Salesforce is a company that does cloud marketing and analytics. They also put on, in the words of my professor, the largest tech conference in the world. It's called Dreamforce, its held in San Francisco, and being a marketing student who can get a free expo pass I should take advantage of that.

So I did.

It was a little odd, I have always expected my first professional conference of a sort to be related to this. Writing. But Dreamforce was all about what you can do with Saleforce (and one talk by will.i.am on wearable tech) and I felt so overwhelmed walking around the expo. There were all these companies showcasing technology that I didn't know how to approach. I didn't even know what some of the things on their posters meant.

But then I remembered I'm an independent author. I'm a personal brand manager. I want to understand who's coming to my website and why. I want to see what variation of blubs works best. I want to know how to connect with readers. Suddenly, I found I could approach people and didn't worry about being brushed off for not knowing things or being gently pushed aside when it was discovered my badge listed a school.

I had an in.

I have never been so thankful for my experience as a self-published author. I had no idea the skills I learn from writing and blogging and submitting to Amazon could be so relevant in other situations. I suddenly feel much more secure in the world.


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