Sep 26, 2014

What brings readers to you?

I haven't been in school long this year. Just two weeks, but already I'm loving it and drastically re-thinking this blog. But I think that's to be expected when I'm in a international marketing program ^_~

Thing is, even though I'm pretty new at this school thing, I can already see issues with how I'm pushing myself as a brand and my books. Seriously, when was the last time I talked about Flicker? It's shameful. I'll have to do something large when it turns 2.  (And did I miss a blog birthday? I can't remember when I first started this thing.)

Come to me reader!

So once I learn a little more I'll be doing a refocusing of me/my brand, but I wanted to get some information from the other authors out there. (I promise to share good tidbits my professors give me.) What works for you in terms of promotion? Web design? Blog post topics? Tweets? Getting more followers? How many of you do things yourselves, hire contractors, a bit of both? I'm dying to know.

And please share this to bring others into the conversation!


  1. Argh! Marketing and promotion are the things that I am soooooo very bad at, it's a miracle anyone reads my books or visits my website at all! So, if you learn anything pertinent on your course, please feel free to share it with me ;-)

  2. When I changed my blog I moved to Wordpress. I find it looks cleaner and feels smoother.

    As for marketing I just get myself out there and be myself but I'm very active. I choose one platform I'm really comfortable with, which for me is Twitter and I am chatty. I connect with people with similar interests. There are so many writers on twitter, it's like a watercooler for writers. But facebook might be your thing. But it's about being social and eventually you will find you have build yourself a solid platform and genuine friendships.

    It's about finding those writers who write in the genre you want to write in. Tailor your blog to represent your genre. It takes time initially but it does work and it does grow. Also attending any writing events you can will also help you make those connections.

    On your blog, choose a theme for your blog, a handful of things you will blog about so people know what to expect when they come here. And make sure you blog regularly.

    Keep up to date with what is happening in the writing world and specifically your genre.

    Good luck, I look forward to seeing how you progress. Good luck with your course.

    1. I've heard from a lot of sources actually that Wordpress is a better option than Blogger because it's easier to customize. I know basic html, but nothing too complex so I always just stayed here but maybe this would be a good time to think about moving.

      I like that, pick just one social media platform. I've been leaning on twitter myself, I feel like fb is for more personal stuff under my real name, so I'll have to try to find other sff writers over there. And work on more than one tweet a day XD.

      Hyper aware that yes, I'll have to tailor my new blog to genre writers/readers. I'll have to check out other sites that do that and take notes.

      Thanks Rebecca, this is exactly what I was looking for!