Sep 5, 2014

Outside Your Genre

In an effort to not sit in the apartment I want to move out of while I wait for school to start, I've been trying to get out and experience one thing. So yesterday I headed out to a free concert in one of San Francisco's parks.

Wandering lost until I heard music aside, it wasn't bad. I sat in the sun, did a bit of listening, and then pulled out my Kindle to read.

The group specialized in Gospel and Jazz, not exactly my normal iTunes playlist, but for the first couple of songs I found myself amazed by the harmonies and lyrics this small group was performing. I didn't care for the message a lot, I'm not super religious, but I still found myself admiring their musical talent.

And so I got to thinking, where has that happened in writing? What books have I enjoyed for their craft not in my normal genre preference of reading?  Most recently, I'd have to say The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and Sex on the Moon by Ben Merich (which, fyi, is totally about stealing moonrocks). The former has a great handle on character and prose, while the latter does a wonderful job of sharing the wonder of the main character.

Do you guys have similar reads you admire, those outside of your typical type of read?

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  1. I'm not religious either, and can sometimes feel a bit awkward hearing music with a strong religious message. And yet there is one song I really love, "Frail" by Jars of Clay, which is a religious song, but I manage to forget about that while listening.

    As for reading, I don't really have a 'set' genre, but I guess one book I really loved, even though it was insane and definitely not anything like most other books I've ever read, or would think to pick up, was "At Swim-Two-Birds" by Flann O'Brien.