Aug 5, 2014

And there goes my focus. Out the window.

Come 7pm later this evening, I will have been back in America for one week.

It's kinda crazy how much the Internet has been taking over my life.

In Ethiopia, I maybe had four hours a week.  This meant I was doing a lot of reading, a lot of writing, and watching TV shows on my laptop.  I still don't check facebook or e-mail as many times as the rest of my family (maybe once a day, each), so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing.

Actually....(just remembered I read a science article about RescueTime which monitors computer use for productivity, downloaded the app, and so I headed to the dash board)...yesterday I spent almost 2 hours looking at fanfiction (bad Gwen! But that's what happens when I see a good movie and want more stories with the characters. You all need to go see Guardians of the Galaxy.) and most of a third reading news through Calibre. And then spent 30 minutes on Critique Circle because I need to earn points so I can post the next chapter of my WIP to get comments on it.

So I guess I'm not wasting as much time as I thought. Huh.

But I'm still not doing the writing/reading I expected to be in the habit of doing. It's like my attention is drawn everywhere - kitchen with an oven! Let's bake!  Netflix party! Google! Let's do research! (granted, I do still need to find a place to stay in San Fransisco) Look at that! I don't need a bucket to wash my clothes! Hot water showers! I can workout every day now or just enjoy the spray! - and I can't concentrate on things I should.

Like my writing.

And moving/preping for grad school that starts in....32 days.  Okay, I got a bit of time them.

Any tips to focus when things are just calling for you attention but you know you really, really should be writing? Cuz this only sorta helps.


  1. Fyi, California's currently in a drought and rationing water... so don't get too attached to long showers.

  2. Oooh, I'm not sure I'd like to find out exactly how long I spend online. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy - it was brilliant, and I loved the soundtrack.

  3. Hi Gwen :) You left a comment on my blog about being willing to beta Cupid Incorporated. Could you send me an email at tianalei (@) gmail (.) com? I don't have your email address!