Jun 22, 2014

The longest part of packing

Started packing to move back to the States and can't believe how many notebooks I have laying around among school supplies and other random things. Peace Corps would give us new ones at each training, I've bought a few myself, some are just extras from projects.  And then all the random scrap paper with writing them.


I write all the time, but I really can't bring all my single (or groups of ten) pages of notes/outlines/story starters/flash fiction back to America with me.  Not enough room in my suitcases. So I'm trying to type them all up on my laptop and that's taking  for~ever. Seriously, I had no idea typing up all these things would be so time consuming! I feasibly could pack all my belongings in a day - I'm leaving a lot behind - but to type up all I have? Days. Plus, it just feeds the plot bunnies so I have new story snippets to write down, or I continue with things I've started instead of opening up a new doc for the next bit of paper to transfer.  And then even knowing all this, I'll sit at a cafe waiting for someone and then pull out a notebook and start writing even though I know I'll just have to type it up later.

I need me a hand held scanner that connects wirelessly to my laptop, that also turns my handwriting into an Open Office editable document. It's been two years, does such a thing exist in the Western World yet?  And if not, who can I commission to build one cuz I just know I'll gonna have the same problem in a year. 

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  1. I remember trying to pack up to go home after I lived overseas! We gave away a lot of things.

    I don't know about a scanner that turns handwriting into text, most systems seem to just save an image of your page and make it searchable. But for the future, if you like to write longhand, you could look at Smart pens made by LiveScribe. You use a special dot paper, and according to the description I read, when you're done, "you'll have an ink copy of your writing and a digital copy saved to the pen's memory which you can then synchronize with your computer, phone or tablet." I've seen these in Target before and I was really intrigued! I think you can also do writing to text conversion by writing on a Wacom tablet, which is less expensive.

    Good luck packing up! Maybe you could ship a cardboard box of notebooks if you can't get them all typed!