Feb 13, 2014

I need to give Indies more love

b00k r3vi3ws
Something I wish I did more of was read indie books.

There are several reasons of course. Having self-published myself, I want to support a system I'm a part of.  And knowing several other authors who are independent publishers, I want to help them out too. Reviews, sales, recommendations – who doesn't want to help out friends?

But even if I hadn't published Flicker, and didn't know people who had self-published, I'd still wish I read more indie books.

For one, it takes a huge amount of effort to do it. Writing a novel in and of itself is no easy feat, and then you layer on other stresses like getting a cover and marketing and formatting and editing and editing.  Willingly submitting anything in any capacity and then waiting with baited to see if your work is liked takes a huge amount of courage.  I worry over what to give for birthdays or the little doodles I make on my letters to my sister, and then I only have to please one person.  Independently publishing a book...you have to pray your presentation will grab attention and that your writing will be liked by not just one person (as you would with, say,  an potential agent or magazine editor) but by every person who decides to pay visit to where your book is up for sale.

Maybe it's a me thing, but I think courage should be rewarded. If someone spent time and money to put a book in front of me, the least I can do is read it if piques my interest.

Additionally, I should probably read more indie books because I love discovering new things before they're new.  I feel an immense bit of pride when I've been following an artist on YouTube for months before they're heard on the radio. And I've always beaten myself up for the fact that the first Harry Potter book sat on my bookshelf for over a year before I picked it up at someone else's insistence.

I want to be the one friends come up to and say recommend a good book based on these parameters and then give them the title of a book they end up loving. I love the feeling of finding something great before most people have heard of it and then sharing it with the world. (Most recent find, The Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker.  I love the interaction between the FMC and MMC. Lots of silent snark. Is that a thing?)  I like having a feel for the pulse, as it were, and love novel and edgy ideas that may be hard to find in books publishers put out.

Not reading more indie books has been my one of my biggest regrets in my relationship with reading (the other being not reading enough but that Zelda dungeon is just so tempting) and so I figure Valentine’s Day would be a good time to correct that.

Right, I lie, Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay emailed me about the Spread Some Indie Love Bloghop and I needed motivation to post. ^_~

Regardless, all you books I've downloaded from Amazon? Or have sitting on iTunes as podcasts? Get ready for more love and attention than you ever expected.

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  1. I love that feeling of discovering something before they hit big. And there are so many brilliant writers out there, they really do deserve a lot of love! I've asked for a Kindle for my birthday so I can read them more easily... I have my fingers crossed for it!

  2. I love discovering something new too :) I really wish I could read more in general. Alas, I have a nice stack of textbooks that could use my attention...

    Writing Through College

  3. I think Indie books are wonderful because it's authors who are in control of the production, distribution, ideas and sales of their books.