Dec 19, 2013

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Richard Castle

Some may say that at 25, I'm already grown.  My mother would certainly say so, as evident as her no longer caring support those few times I was sick when I lived with my parents for a year ( 'can I get you anything' turned into 'stay away from me').  But as I recently re-watched all of Danny Phantom on my laptop, am super excited for the new How to Train Your Dragon movie, and still enjoy sliding around in my socks I don't consider myself one.

But yes, Richard Castle.

And it's not the fact that in Castle (a crime drama where Richard Castle is a mystery writer that follows a detective around), he's a best selling novelist and has made enough money selling books that he bought property on the moon that makes me want to be him. Though the money is nice.

No, the writers could have made him a high school janitor for all I care and I still would want to be like him.

See, Castle is, I don't know 40? in the show.  And yet he still believes in Santa and magic and plays laser tag in the house and geeks out over steampunk and makes his own Halloween costumes.  Richard Castle never lost his childhood.  He still sees the fantastical in every day things, the wonder and enjoyment of life.

It's kinda like how my favorite version of London is that portrayed in Doctor Who, not because the Doctor is awesome, but because that version of London accepts the strange and amazingness of aliens.

Castle never has a boring day, there is always something that makes it special.  He retains wonder at everything around him, and that's why I want to be Richard Castle when I grow up.


  1. Me too! I've gotten a little addicted to Castle, and yes, a lot of it is to do with how excited he is by everything... And a small amount to do with Nathan Fillion! I would love his apartment too!

  2. The magic is always there, we just have to keep our eyes open. :-)