Sep 13, 2013

PC Writing Project

It's the day you've all been waiting for, the day you can pretend to be a Peace Corps Volunteer!

I tell you, it is quite the life.  As I'm writing this, I'm sitting by a pool, surrounded by avocado trees and having lemonade and grilled fish.  Right, you got me, I'm visiting the regional capital and not in my dirt road town, but even in Huruta I maybe work 10 hours a day and spend most of my time just hanging out.  And get paid to do it!  .....$220 USD a month. 

Really, I just want your advice about a project.

As it is, I'm starting a writing project - collecting stories from the current incarnation of PCVs in Ethiopia and then self-publishing the book with all the proceeds going towards the Ethiopia country fund to fulfill mini-grants for projects.  Meeting with high level staff have resulted in the desire for a print book, so I'm thinking POD.  If someone has had experience with that, I'd love to hear about it!

I also recently read a blog post (I'd link to it if I remembered it) where someone created project simply for personal use, and then thinking it could be beneficial for others released it and had people choose their own price.  The result was more money than he expected, with the average named price being about $12 if I remember correctly, more than he would have listed the book for on Amazon.  As the market this story collection is targeting (PCVs, RPCVs, potential PCVs, and PCV families) I'm wondering if doing something similar would be worth it.  Has anyone done a publishing venture using this model?

Also, how interested would you guys, who really have no connection to Peace Corps, have in reading such a book? Is there something that would pique your interest more than other things?

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  1. I'm sorry I missed this post, dated weeks ago now. What a great project! I have no idea about the pricing model, but it sounds like it would be ideal because of the audience you're aiming at. After reading your posts so far, I'd love to read more! Good luck with it.