Aug 28, 2013

Vega and Centari sitting in a tree - pt 3

This month, I'm sharing extra stories from my WIP, Strella PAX. I'd love it if you could tell me your thoughts. 


There were no rules about entering another Star's room, but apparently that was because Vega was the first to do so.  Several were created and Centari's reading lessons were regimented.  Vega could only teach him in his room (or hers) if the door was open and during lunch when on of the Emotional Handlers would bring them trays and then sit and watch the lesson.  Once in awhile they were allowed into the cafeteria outside of meal times, but again they were observed.

Vega ignored the emotions all the Handlers emoted, they did not vary much among them all.  Surprise, wariness, a sense of wrongness.  One male was approving sometimes, and Vega liked him the best because he gave them more space than the other Handlers and found level appropriate, PAX approved material for Centari to practice on.

Sometimes during a lesson Vega's mind would recall the images she had seen the day after she had given Centari the book.  The other Star would catch them, not understanding them either, and sometimes they tried to figure things out between their minds while Centari moved his finger over words in the books.   Until, one day, he took her hand under the table.

It didn't feel special, Vega didn't understand why such actions were troubling to PAX.  But Centari's hand felt nice in hers so she gave it a squeeze.  Another connection to the outside world, except this went beyond that.  It was a piece of the outside world, an action those in the city did regularly, that they had brought down into the space of Habitation.

PAX was no longer everything.

They held hands every time they could, out of sight of the Handlers. No one would approved of such an action.  It belonged to the outside world, a world Stars were working for, but could never participate in. Their faces stayed blank the entire time, and why wouldn't they? Holding hands did not invoke any emotion.

What eventually stopped their lessons was not the discovery of their physical touch, but was the time when Centari understood enough of the material to want to discuss it.  Apparently talking about World War II, about how those with power rounded up those they didn't like, wasn't allowed.


After that, on the rare times when they passed in the hallway and no other Star was around to pick up their thoughts, they would send each other the image of linked hands.

Once Vega sent him an image of them sitting on park bench together.

Centari responded with them sharing a meal at a restaurant.

The images didn't mean anything.  It was just make believe, a what-if world if they had never been mind readers, if they had never been taken to PAX.  Never mind that fact that if they hadn't been in PAX they never would have met.


Vega supposed that maybe she had been discovering emotions throughout all her encounters will Centari, but she didn't realize that until the day he disappeared.

That day, Vega felt loss.

It hurt.  No wonder Stars were discouraged from having emotions.  It got in the way of their job, made Reading confusing.

Vega pushed the feeling away, stuffed all her budding emotional thoughts into an image of Centari's room and then closed the door.  Rooms in Habitation were thought proof, nothing got in and nothing got out.


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