Aug 14, 2013

Taking Ira - pt2

Sharing deleted extra scenes from my WIP Strella PAX this month. I am looking for betas, if you're interested. 


Ira returned two days later with more scabs behind her ears and Monica learned why before lunch.  She had developed the habit of digging her nails into the skin there.  She had refused to go the nurse for some reason, but when Ira fell to the floor, rocking, nails reopening the scabs, and screamed 'Shut up!' Monica didn't take no for answer.

Carl Winters, the assistant principal was walking by. Monica handed control over her class to him and took Ira to Kathy herself.


It was odd how Ira seemed to have improved drastically just by stepping into the nurse's office. Kathy looked up from her desk, organizing pills for the students who had to take them daily, but quickly stood up when she noticed the pair of them.

“Ira! You're bleeding!”

Ira let Kathy led her to a bed. She seemed in no mood to talk, so Monica filled the nurse in on what happened. “Do you think her parents have started fighting?” she asked after the two women walked away to let Ira rest.

“It wouldn't show up like this in school. Self destructive behavior is usually linked to a mental illness, and what worries me is judging by the marks behind her ears her parents are doing nothing to stop it.”

“Should I call child services?”

Kathy shook her head. “Let me talk to  Ira first.  I'll let you know during lunch.”


“So?” Monica asked when Kathy entered the classroom just as the last second grader left trailing the lunch mom.

“I'm not an expert in this field or anything, but I think she has schizophrenia.”


“Maybe.   She mentioned voices in her head, and when I called her mom she mentioned something similar. Ira's parents are actually terrified, she's not much better at home and they have no idea how to help her.”

“As her teacher, is there anything I can do to help her?”

Kathy shook her head. “The Blacks are over their head entirely, and don't have the time to care for a mentally ill child. They want to send her to a university institution, cheap care in exchange for professors to use her as a research project.  I don't agree, the closest are in Chicago and that's a good five hours from here. But they're her parents.”

“Will they be needed a school report from me?”

“No. Apparently they called PAX, you know, that new program the Chicago City Police and Northwestern University started up a few years ago? It was mentioned in a special last night.  They called them almost immediately after I talked to them.  Someone from PAX will be here to pick her up at the end of the day. “


Ira was looking forward to going home. Spending the day in the nurse's office had been nice, the images and voices in her head were minimal and didn't cause her head to hurt.

But nothing compared to her mother's arms around her, soothing back her hair.

However, it was not her mother, or her father, that picked her up from the nurse's office.  It was a strange woman, in a police uniform with the name tag Zynchiek.

The officer had to carry her into the police car. Ira screamed the entire way, calling for her parents and searching for their faces in the crowd that always surrounded the school after the last day.   She didn't see them.  Ira did see her teacher Mrs. Anderson crying in the doorway.


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