Aug 2, 2013

Michael and Dominic - pt 2

Sharing a bit of my extra scenes from my WIP, Strella PAX, this month. Also looking for beta input, if this interests anyone.


Dominic started kindergarten that Fall and told Michael all about it.

“I thought it would be harder.  But when the teacher asks a question, I can just see the answer in my head.  Miss Ewing calls me a genius.”

But as good as he was, Dominic hated being there.

“The dreams come back Mikie, even in the day. And always when I'm at school.”

The really bad headaches, my gains, Dominic's mother called them never went away.  He always missed a few days of school a month because of them, and the medicine his doctor gave him never helped.


It wasn't always dreams.  One time, Mrs. Lugar had taken both of them to Bridge Park, a playscape comprised of tall towers with swing bridges between them, and right in the middle of chasing Michael Dominic collapsed and started crying.

Mrs. Lugar rushed over. “Mikie, what did you do?!”

“Nothing! He just started crying.”

It was only after they were in the car did he stop crying. “Dommy, what's wrong?”

“I don't know,” he answered. “For some reason, I felt really sad.”


Sometimes, but rarely, Dominic heard voices.

It always happened when there were a lot of people around, and it usually a my gain came afterwards.

It happened once during a Christmas party Michael's parents hosted.  There was a babysitter playing with them and other neighborhood kids in the basement while the adults talked inside. Dominic was wincing through out the afternoon, so Michael stayed close to him.

“What's wrong Dommy?” he asked after a particularly painful look crossed his face.

“There's a voice in my head.”

“Really, what's it saying?”

“Monica in magenta.  Don the dentist.  Luke the loud one.  Daphne in dark.”

Dominic hunched down on the floor, and Michael put an arm around him.  He looked up for the babysitter, she was playing a board game with two older kids and not looking at them.

“Is it a girl voice or a boy voice?”


“Let's name it.”

Dominic look up at his friend. “Why?”

“For fun! What type of person would say things like that.”

“Someone very forgetful.”

“Forgetful Freddy.” Dominic said, his grimace lessening just a bit.

At this point, the sitter walked over.  “Do you want a pain pill Dommy?”


“I'll give you two minutes to decide, okay?”

Both boys nodded.

As she walked away, Michael said. “I bet Freddy's fat.”  Dominic laughed, pain pushed away.

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  1. This bit shed more light on it, but I felt like it was very choppy. Bouncing around and making me a bit confused. Took me the second time reading my gain to get that it's migraine.