Aug 1, 2013

Michael and Dominic - pt 1

Really, I should get in the habit of writing out my plot issues, filling in scenes that will never make it to the finial draft, more often. It's incredibly helpful.  And fun to share. 


Michael crossed the street, holding on to his mother's jean pocket and carefully watching the small container of soup she held in her hand.  Once they reached the opposite sidewalk, Marissa nodded and Michael let go to run to the second house.  He couldn't reach the doorbell, so settled for knocking. 

It opened to reveal Mrs. Lugar.

“Hey Mikie.  Dominic is sick today, so he can't play.”

“I know that. Mommy told me.” He looked over his shoulder in time to see Marissa climb the stairs to the small front porch.  “So I helped make soup for him! Grammy's recipe.”

“I hope you don't mind.” Marissa said, coming to stand behind her son. “He was so insistent.”

“No, that's okay. Come in, come in.  I'll make coffee.”

“Can I see Dommy?” Michael asked, taking his shoes off. “I'll be really quite.”

“Ok. He's in bed.”

Michael head upstairs, tiptoeing on the carpet once he got to the top of them.  He poked his head in his friend's room. “Dommy?”


“Hey, are you okay?”

“My head hurts.”


Micheal crept into the room until he was standing by Dominic's head. “Why?”

“Don't know.  I just woke up this morning and my head was full of pictures. Things I've never seen before.” He curled up into a ball. “It hurts.”

“Did you tell your mommy about the pictures?”

A nod.  “She said they were dreams.”

“I didn't know dreams could hurt.”

“Me neither.”


Michael is the MC for my main WIP, Strella PAX.  I would love more input, if any one wants to read my current draft. 

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