Jul 1, 2013

Book Presents

The Peace Corps office in Addis has a room that has a full wall of books, our lending library that I should stop taking more than I'm giving from.  I have too many books, and when I do finish one I have a tendency to pass it along to volunteers here instead of returning it to Addis.

But hey, books are meant to share right?

I'm currently reading a Words without Borders book, and while it's interesting what really is endearing it to me is not what's on the pages but what I found between them.

Aren't they awesome? I especially like the note on the second one, that through books we are connected through time and experiences because we have read the same words. I'll admit, never did a whole lot of book sharing in the States, usually just between me and my sister and occasionally friends, but now I share with strangers all the time. And I really want to give gifts.  

Maybe quotes for other stories, bookmarks, what would you guys like to find in between the pages of a book?


  1. Hi Gwen .. in this day and age I think that's a brilliant idea - for the Western world, but particularly where people can read books wherever they are in the world.

    Love the idea of notes from peoples within the country ..

    I haven't ever found anything ... perhaps I should start a tradition ... cheers Hilary

  2. I found a note in one of my textbooks once that said something like:

    I hated the way she treated you and I wanted to take her place just so you could get the love you deserved. But now I see who you really are and I think you deserved every bit of it.

    Not exactly the most lovely thing to find. I would want a note like what you got :D