Jun 8, 2013

Best Read of May

First heard of this book through a EW magazine a friend sent me that talked about the movie. But of course, you have to read the book first!

And the book is, interesting.  It follows the plot of six different stories, nesting in each other so that only the 6th is told in completion without an interruption to visit the next plot line. The stories take us for a walk through history, starting in 1850 and going all the through to a post apocalyptic Hawaii.

Despite it being a day I had power, I found myself whipping through the book when I first picked it up.  Each story is unique and entertaining (personally, I loved the one about the fabricant human Sonmi in a future Korea), enough where I only flipped ahead to see where the next section ended instead of where the one I just finished started again to pick it up again.  Which is a good thing, I would have missed a lot if I did that.
Mitchell has no problem writing historical fiction or science fiction, and I'll have to snag another one of his books soon.

It's amazing how all these stories link through small Easter eggs hidden in the stories.  The previous story is a book in the next, a set of letters, a video recording, and there are moments that are similar to finding clues in a mystery novel. You know there's a connection, and you enjoy finding out what.

The connection just grows as you get into the second half of the book, reading the conclusions to each story you started in the first half, but even as I enjoyed finding the links I found almost each story to end in a disappointment.

Almost every one has a twist ending, something I didn't see coming and I found it gimmicky as I went along.  Stories had dramatic conclusions that threw me for a loop, and while I caught on to the link between them I struggled to find a reason for why stories were ending the way there were. Because I felt there was a purpose to them, everything else in the book was so planned it had to, but for the lift of me I couldn't, and still can't, find it.

So I started my book journey a happy reader, and finished a slightly confused, but glad I picked up the book reader. 

At the very lest, since it's making the rounds with my Peace Corps friends, we'll have something to talk to when we have mid service training in September. 


  1. I've been keen to read this book, more for the structure than the story to be honest, but if I like it as well as learn something I'll be happy :-)

  2. The movie looked really interesting, so I would like to read the book. You would think that all of those stories would make it confusing and hard to keep up with who's who, but it seems like you managed just fine :)