May 8, 2013

The Liebster Award

April was crazy thanks to the A-Z Challenge. So many visitors and places to visit! I swear, my feedly exploded. But in the insanity I ended up getting the Liebster Award from Heidi at The Enchanted Pen back in mid April. Thank Heidi!

As it goes, I have announce my nomination for the award and thank/link back to who I got it from and then post 11 random facts about myself. This is to be followed by 11 questions the presenter asked, and then I get to nominate another 11 bloggers (with under 200 followers) and ask 11 questions of my own.

So, be prepared for a slightly long post.

11 Random facts about yours truly:
  1. I never was a coffee drinker until I moved to Ethiopia.
  2. Caffeine doesn't seem to effect me. I can have three cups of coffee (okay, they're small here) before bed and still fall asleep no problem. I can also drink a monster and get the same effect as from a single Jolly Rancher.
  3. I used to live in Chicago.
  4. I thought about a major in bioinformatics, but then Chem 130 killed me and communications it was!
  5. I love to dance.
  6. I speak, in various skills levels, four languages: English, Spanish, Greek, and Amharic.
  7. My favorite Transformer is Prowl, which is why I'm so upset at Michael Bay for not putting him in the new movies.
  8. I think Peter Burke should be free! aka I'm a White Collar fan.
  9. I'm super lazy. I do dishes maybe twice a week.
  10. I'm a first generation Greek.
  11. I like to write to Daft Punk once in awhile. The Tron soundtrack is awesome.

11 Questions to answer:

  1. Who is your biggest inspiration? I can't really say, there are so many inspiring people out there, blazing trails for the rest of us to follow.
  2. What is/was your relationship like with your mother? Awesome. I like to think that if we were of a same age, we would have been friends. We're super close.
  3. Do you have pets? I have a stuffed bear name Flare, a fuzzy uniasus called Fantasia, a fruby called Lulu, and toy called Arcee. I talk to them, so I kinda consider them pets? There's also a cat in the area I call Belle that I like to talk to.
  4. What is your guilty pleasure? Cop shows and fanfiction
  5. Do you outline or are you a seat-of-your-pants writer? Discovery writer, all the way. I always set up an outline first, but it usually changes as I write and get further into a character.
  6. Do you write aspects of your personality into your characters? I try not too, but I'm sure it happens. I don't know if it really happens, or if it's just a personal writing paranoia thing, but I feel as if the longer I write a story the character shifts to be more similar tp me. To prevent that, I try to prevent bringing aspects of me into my characters.
  7. Last time you lost your temper, what caused it? Students. Or more specifically, that they weren't paying attention and participating. If I'm trying to do something for your benefit, I want some response from you. Even if it's 'I don't understand'.
  8. What would your dream vacation be? Hiking through beautiful country and spending each night in a different lodge that transports my luggage to the next one. And having a wallet that refills with cash every time I empty it so that I can eat well.
  9. Do you think you're weird? Why or why not? Well, I prefer the word crazy. It's a running joke here that only crazy people join the Peace Corps. But every one is weird in their own special way. It makes the world interesting to live in.
  10. What do you think your purpose is? Writing and sharing my stories. Because it's the one thing I keep coming back to time and time again and getting hit with a plot bunny can make the rest of the world seem unimportant.
  11. If you were going to a deserted island and could only take three things, what would they be? Satellite phone, I'd want to talk to people, a solar charger, and my kindle. I'm becoming rather attached to the thing, and if I fill it up before I go to the island it would save me from boredom.

11 Nominees
 Right, being away from the Internet makes it hard to choose people, so consider yourselves all nominated!  Fell free to answer any questions you like.

11 Questions for the next round:

  1. What's currently on your bookshelf that you've been meaning to read but other works get in the way?
If you could visit another country, what would it be and why?
What's your favorite oatmeal flavor?
As a kid, what was your favorite playground equipment?
What's the story of your first scar?
What's something you keep trying to do, but can't do as well as you want?
What's your favorite memory of your grandmother's house?
What is your work out of choice?
Mac or PC, and why?
What language do you wish you knew?
What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

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  1. Congratulations on the award. Great to read your answers and random info!