Apr 23, 2013

V is for Virgina Moon

Phew, almost thought I wouldn't get Internet in time, but here's V! A different style than most, mainly cuz I had a hard time finding a song that made me feel creative so I had to make do with writing style.


There was once a man who loved the moon.

He loved it's soft white glow. He loved how it lived and died and lived again, a cool phoenix in the sky. He loved how, unlike the sun, the moon was willing to share the sky with the stars. He loved how he could look at it and not hurt his eyes.

He would sit on a hill all night, looking at and talking to the moon.

But the moon never talked back, and that made him said.

Maybe they were too far away to hear each other?

So the man climbed the tallest tree in the village and from there tried to talk to the moon. But the moon did not answer, only shined it's white glow.

The man decided he need to be on top of a mountain, so he traveled until he reached the mountain Sky-Breaker, which was the tallest in all the land.  That night, when he stood on the top of Sky-Breaker and greeted the moon, the moon did not answer.

He spent the next morning crying, and a great eagle landed near him to ask what was wrong.  The man replied he wanted to talk to the moon, but could not get close enough.

The eagle said “I will take you into the sky, so you can hear the moon.”

The man gave the eagle many thanks, and then wrapped his arms in bark so the eagle's claws would not hurt him.  When night fell, the man spread his arms and the great eagle took one in each talon.

They flew very high, and when the man greeted the moon he thought he heard an answer, but could not be sure.  He instructed the eagle to throw him.

And so he did, very far and very fast so that the man felt the wind on his cheeks for hours. But he watched the moon get closer and closer so he was happy.

He tried calling to the moon again.

“Good night, moon!”

And the moon finally answered. “For me, it's good morning.”


Figures the moon would be a smart ass.