Apr 22, 2013

S is for Something in the Water

A song I fell in love with while living in New Zealand.

They hadn't talked much. They were in the same discussion group for their film class, crossed paths at the gym – as he left and she went in – but really all she knew was his name started with a 'T'. It didn't bug her much, until she found him pausing at her seat while she put her notebook back in her bag.

“Hey Brooke.”



“Right, knew that.”

He let the fib lie, and Brooke's indifference towards him edged more towards accepting.

Thomas pulled on the strap of his bag, and took a breath. Brooke paused with her hands on the zipper and looked up at him.

“You free tomorrow night? Maybe?”


“It's just, there's this tea house done on Main that has live music Thursday nights. It varies every week, but this week is covers.”

“Sounds nice.” She smiled up at him. He seemed decent enough, she could catch up on the missed episode of her favorite show on Hulu the next day.


They had arranged to meet at the tea house an hour before the show was due to start, dinner and a show. Brooke arrived to find a small stage area already set up – a space empty of chairs and tables with three microphone stands – and Thomas sitting at a small table for two. The chairs were Victorian style armchairs, high with a sweep at the top and wooden legs ending in claws. A little too stiff for her, she'd been in comfier coffee shops, but they weren't too bad.

Thomas greeted her as she sat down, and nudged one of the glasses of waters towards her.

“Thanks,” she said, “it's hotter today than I thought it would be. Long sleeves were a bad idea.”

Brooke took a sip, and then tipped the glass farther back as the taste of water made her suddenly crave more. Man, she must have been really dehydrated. And this was really good water.

She put the glass down with more force than necessary, the loud thunk catching the attention of a student a few tables away. It also brought the waiter over to full her glass again. Brooke brought it to her mouth again, but the taste wasn't the same and apparently one glass was enough to quench her thirst.

Looking up at Thomas, she noticed he was smiling. There was something odd about it, but before she could figure out what she was stuck by how handsome he looked. Summer's heat found its way under her skin and she felt herself flush not just in her checks but everywhere on her body. Her toes were probably pink in her shoes.

“So, tell me about yourself.”

God, even his voice was beautiful.


The music was okay, to be honest she didn't really remember it. She was too busy staring at Thomas. Brooke practically floated home, a spring in her step and love in her heart. Love at first sight was never something she believed in – still didn't cuz she had seen Thomas several times before – but what she was feeling had to be close. She didn't know a lot about him, but already she was infatuated.

Brooke flipped on the TV and poured herself a glass of wine. The ten o'clock news was just starting, and without anything better on network television she sat there and sipped at the cheap Merlot.

Thomas wouldn't leave her mind and every thought sent her heart fluttering so fast she was amazed it hadn't given out yet. His beach blonde hair, stormy sea eyes, smooth voice, the sloppy kiss they shared at her door. She'd had better kisses as far as technique went, but none of her previous partners had Thomas's soul, the way of sharing emotions while their lips were locked and eyes closed.

The door opened and Brooke looked at her watch. 12:30 already? Where had the past two and a half hours gone? When had the late night shows started?
“Hey,” Julie said, taking off her jacket and hanging it on the coat rack. “How was your date?”

“Wonderful,” Brooke gushed and her roommate raised an eyebrow and she came to sit next to her on the couch. She stole Brooke's glass and finished the wine in the bottom of the glass. The bottle was empty, when did that happen?

“Really? You told me you didn't really know the guy, and I've never seen you blown away by a guy on the first date. Not even when one of the football players took you to a party last year.”

Brooke shrugged. “Blame it on the water if you must. But I just know, he's the one.”


Of course, here I have to worry about bacteria in the water. Don't know which is worse. 


  1. Interesting story. I have to wonder is magic at work at Thomas slipped something in her water or is she really just smitten?

    1. Personally, I think she drank something. But it's up to you ^_~

  2. Cool story, I liked it!
    New follower, Shawn from Reading Practice