Apr 13, 2013

L is for Love

I'm a Final Fantasy fan, to the point I have so many versions of the music form the game.  I'm actually thinking of the version from the Potion 2 CD, not from the actual game, but as with K, the lyrics should be the same.


Susie found it on her pillow the night after their third date. It was a small silk bag of a rich blue color and tied off with a pink ribbon. At one end of it was the name 'Johnathon Maynard'. Susie immediately felt creeped out, why would John leave a gift, with his name on it, on her pillow? And how did he even get into her house while she was sleeping? Shit, did he take something?

She bolted upright, but then it dawned on her that the handwriting wasn't his. She left it on her pillow as she made sure all the doors and windows were locked. Alarming. But nothing was out of place and her laptop and iPhone were where she left them.

The only thing different was the silk bag.

When she picked it up it felt empty. On the back of the name card was written 'love will grow'. Strange. Inside the bag was a single seed.

It wasn't like any she had seen before, a rusty red color. It was round, but had a dent on one side that from a certain angle made the seed look like a heart.

She planted it in an empty Jiffy jar, put it on the window sill in the kitchen because that was the room with the most light, and took care to water it everyday.

The day of their two month anniversary, Susie noticed that the first bit of green was sticking up above the soil. She stared at it in wonder while the coffee maker gurgled, turning the peanut butter jar cum plant pot around in her hands. Growing things had never been something she was interested in, but staring at this little sprout and feeling the sense of pride in her chest she couldn't help but wonder why gardening hadn't appealed to her earlier.

On their date that night, Susie decided John had long term potential.

The plant grew, from a barely there bit of green to a stem two inches tall. When the first leaf unfurled, Susie learned that John could read her moods. Could tell when she was upset, and while maybe not knowing why, he knew exactly how to make her feel better. This was officially a serious relationship.

It took awhile for the stem to bud. Susie watched it in fascination. Since first planting the seed she had joined online gardening communities and planted several other plants, flowers and herbs. But this John flower as she had taken to calling it was only just budding while other flowers she had planted after this one had already bloomed.

Susie had posted a bit about the John flower, skipping the point about it just appearing on her pillow, and now posted a picture of the bud. It wasn't green, but instead a burnt orange color and the bud was covered in a white fuzz that made it hard to see the skin. No one could figure out what flower was growing on her kitchen window sill.

The same day the bud appeared, Susie decided that it was time to introduce John to her parents.

The bud didn't bloom for months, just sat there on the stem. Susie watered it, gave it fertilizer, but the bud didn't open and she was beginning to wonder if maybe she was growing a vegetable instead and the bud did swelled a little. But it never grew larger than a grape or lost the fuzz. Susie was beginning to think maybe that was it, the plant was done growing and would die soon. But it never did.

But almost a year after meeting John, he proposed. And when she got home the John flower had bloomed. It wasn't orange like she had expected, but a deep pink that turned to red in the center. It was also huge, the grape sized bud had revealed a flower that had a diameter of a hand span and a half.

What really caught Susie attention though was the card that was propped up against the stem. It was in the same handwriting as the card that had come with the seed, but instead of saying John's name it said 'Your love has bloomed'. 


I think it would be kinda nice to have a visual representation of your love life. 

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