Apr 10, 2013

J is for Juantia

I've been rediscovering Shaina Twain here.  Not sure why. But her and Pink have suddenly risen in my music favs list.


Jiminy Cricket's

Accessing Webstore...

Welcome to Jiminy Cricket's! Looking for a conscience program?


Wonderful! You have come to the right place. Is there a type of program you are looking for?

Something always active, consonantly making suggestions.

Of course. Would you like a unit just for the program or would you like it uploaded to an existing head unit?

Solo. Do you have anything that looks like an ear cuff?

We have several options that fit that description. Take a look

Downloading images....

Images downloaded

I'll take option DR-572.

Excellent! Now that you have chosen a unit, it's time to select your conscience program. What type of conscience would you like?

Something not me.

Can you be more specific? For example, would you like a male or female conscience.


We have 2,463,569 options of a female conscience. How can we narrow the search to find you the perfect option?

Someone not shy, or traditional. Someone free and active. Who is proud of herself.

We have 1,234,645 such personalities. Would you like one of a similar culture as yourself?


What culture is that?


We have 452 consciences that would would fill your desires. Any other requirements?

Someone who solves challenges. Who doesn't back down.

There are 71 consciences that are who you want. We are almost there! Soon, you'll have your very own conscience!

Any of them strong enough to take over when given permission?

14 of them are, however I am obligated to tell you that while letting your conscience's personality assume control of your thoughts and body is possible it's best to allow the conscience to take control for only small amounts of time and only in serious situations. In addition, failing to follow this advice, the consequences are not responsibility of Jiminy Cricket’s. Do you agree to these terms?

Yes. List profiles

Listing profiles......
Profiles loaded.

Make sure you read each conscience personality carefully. You wouldn't want the wrong person in your head.


I'll take Juanita.

Good choice. She is highly liked by our customers. Just to double check your order, you would like the personality [Juanita: Life Philosophy – Don't let life get you down. If you get knocked down, get up with your fists raised. Personality – Active, likes to improvise, friendly, doesn't like strict control, independent, stubborn, loyal, committed. Skills – empathy, charisma, martial arts, horse back riding, knowledge of law] in an individual unit [DR-572]. Is this correct?


I'm glad. Would you prefer to pay with a credit card or a direct withdrawal?


Please send 612 kilocreidts to the account numbered 501-B01-603623525 to complete the transaction.

Payment received. You should get your conscience in the mail within the week. Is there anything else I can help you with today?


Okay than. Have a good day.


I'm just super happy if this formatting is published correctly.  


  1. Interesting story. What made the MC want a new conscious?

    1. She's not happy with her lot in life and wants a change. But since she's convinced the issue is her, because it's her that got her into the life she has, she wants to be a new person. Who doesn't pretend to be someone else walking into a club? She just wants to be someone else all the time.

  2. very clever - love it!


  3. Hello, Gwen! What a cool concept. You'd have to be so careful whose conscience you got, though!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

    1. For sure. But they do have a return policy ^_~.

  4. I love this! There are so many possibilities for what happens next. :) What would happen if you got the complete wrong conscience?

    1. It's not really indicated, but the FMC here loved Juanita's law skills. So...jail maybe? If what she's planning to do doesn't go right? But you're correct, so many possibilities! I may have to return to this universe.