Feb 3, 2013

Most Awkward Question of the Year

Yes, it's only February. But this is still the most awkward question of the year - it's that awkward.

There have been blog hops and the like about steamy scenes in YA, but what exactly is too steamy? I have very little experience reading YA romance, give me action and spaceships!, and so I'm a little fuzzy on this and am worried a scene in one of my novels is a bit overboard.

Kisses are okay, but beyond that? Is it brushed over like in Twilight? (The only YA book I have on hand that mentions sex) Alluded to?  Stops at 'they tumbled on to bed and enjoyed eachother?'

Your thoughts are much appreciated!


  1. It's "too much" when it doesn't contribute to plot or character development.

  2. I'm actually planning on making a full-out vlog on this.

  3. Sorry, I don't read that much YA and I don't write it at all. A 50 Shades for Teens is probably a bit too far though :-)

  4. Most YA I've read skim over details when it comes to sex and sex only happens if it's important to the plot, but there are no details about bodies. It's more about how the MC is feeling, what's going through the mind and how this experience is important. Or there is a fade to black like in Twilight. You know it happens, but it's not on the page. I think most YAs stay away from sex straight out. There is kissing and cuddling and some petting, but it's over quick.

  5. Hi Gwen, I've put your blog in my new reader so I'll pick your posts up again! :)

    I agree with what has been said so far. I think it's more about the emotion for the teenagers. All that high drama and angst is what drives them more than anything.