Jul 15, 2012

Introducing Writing Injuries

Way back when I started this blog, actually before that, I had another blog that focused on adding medical realism to fiction writing. A lot of questions I had seen on help forums for NaNo involved medical knowledge, and figured there was a void to be filled. I'd do all the research for injuries that could crop up in fiction and them post them to the blog.

But I dropped off that band wagon. Medical books (the only source I trusted for this cuz websites can be iffy) were pricey and it took a really long time to research and write each post.  Not to mention it wasn't getting quite the traffic I had envisioned. 

I haven't written a new post for it since October of 2011, and since I'm now currently in Ethiopia have cancelled my hosting for the site. But people still drop by the site everyday in trickles and I'd hate to just see the popular posts disappear while I'm chilling here in Africa.

So I'm posting them here once in a while.  This way you guys can have access to the information, and there's something being posted here to keep the Fulfilling Dreams alive while I'm gone. Writing isn't my primary focus at the moment after all.

Hope you enjoy this (much stretched out) series!


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