May 13, 2012

Only I Could Catch a Cold in Arizona

I went to Arizona to see my grandpa before I leave, which included getting guilt tripped to go to church with him, but for most of the weekend my Dad and I did local hikes. 

On top of Camelback Mountain, after being followed by annoying and hurtful bees. Apparently, the only way to avoid getting stung was to out run them. Which was a handful as you had to scramble up rock piles using all four limbs and trying to figure where the trail went while you were hundreds of feet up. Good times I tell you, good times. I can't believe I did this hike often as a kid. Though I don't remember bees then. And I think I forced my parents to carry my water bottle.

It was great to just spend so much time outside and in the sun (minus the bee attack, if I haven't developed a fear I most certainly developed an anxiety. At least I know I'm not allergic!), even if I did get a cold. Which I've now had for...a week as of today. I'm so special. Only I could get a cold during lovely sunny weather. And I had just recovered from laryngitis too.  

(My habit of picking up more colds than normal, and they're severity [they always have at least one day where I have a fever and night sweats] makes people wonder if I'll catch something and die in Ethiopia. I do hope not.)

GMATs went okay. Maybe. I coughed through the entire thing and bombed half the test to end up 100 points lower than I wanted to be. But, apparently they have a testing center in Ethiopia. So I'll take it again for sure.

Haven't really been doing much writing. Managed to do some this weekend in the car (trip to see my sister compete in the Big Ten Rowing Championship [her boat won her race but her team got second {which I'm completely okay with because my alma mater Michigan won and she rows for the dreaded OSU buckeyes} which is a disappointment because they won last year] in Indianapolis), but not as much as I would have hoped.

(Dear Primus, did I really just nest parentheses? I use them way to often. I should just turn mid-sentence thoughts into their own sentences.)

What I am trying to do though is design a cover for my novella. I was hoping, okay stretch hoping (as in, hoping but knowing it probably wasn't going to happen) that I could self publish it before I go, but have decided that'd be really rushing things. Especially as I haven't heard back from my betas yet (I don't know if that means they hated what I wrote, or if they forgot I sent it to them and they need a nudge). But making a cover is easy to do while waiting, but very time consuming. Once I have a few potentials, you can expect to see them posted here and some type of poll about which is better.



  1. As I was reading that sentence, I was going to comment on the parenthesis, but you beat me to it - good job!

    Looking forward to seeing your covers - I bet they'll all be great!

  2. Yucky about the cold! How long until you leave? You better give your beta's a little nudge ;)