Apr 25, 2012


There are certain sites we all visit a lot; according to my Internet history my top three are Facebook, Pinterest, and Hotmail. (Funny, Firefox recognizes Facebook and Hotmail as words, but not Pinterest. I'm sure that'll change soon.)

However, none of them compare to Visuwords. Tis my favorite.

I use it all the time when I write. It's a dynamic, online thesaurus, and I love how it wiggles.  Seriously, I can make word bubbles bounce and dance, spin open, or move the entire web. Plus, it's all nice and color coded!

You type in a word, and all words related to it crop up in connected bubbles. Verbs, nouns, adjectives, you name it.  And then those words can be clicked on and their connected bubbles pop into being and before you know it you're never using the same word twice in your novel.

I was gonna put up a screen shot, but then I think you'll miss how fun and useful this site is (way more than your traditional thesaurus). Good thing YouTube exists.

Sorry for the late post today. I was suddenly switched to the new Blogger interface, this post wasn't written ahead of time, and I had to explore my new playground.


  1. I just had a quick look around that site - couldn't get any synonyms, so I'll have to explore later!