Apr 10, 2012

Use Your Imagination

I've heard 'write what you know' a lot.

I can't follow that.

Mainly because I don't know a lot. My romance experience is probably the equivalent of most middle-schoolers, I've been tipsy (but never drunk), rarely break the rules, and, quite honestly, never met a dragon.

That's not stopping me from writing a story where a dragon is the MC.

See, I think the most important thing to write is what we can imagine. It's a given for SF/F authors, but even for literary fiction and YA it's important. We have to imagine what our characters would think and say, imagine what locations look like, imagine plots.

Our imagination is the foundation of our writing.

Throw in a bit of true life, makes things relatable, but come back to that magical world of make-believe.

Today's tongues twister:

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  1. I agree, to an extent. I write Fantasy and Sci-Fi so of course I don't know anything about time travel or magic powers, but I do know about human emotion and that is the one we thing we know, that we should put into our books.

  2. Good points. Imagination is based on reality. Thereby hangs the tale. Keep working at it. Read a lot, listen even more. Get other people to tell you of their experiences and put yourself imaginatively in their places and pretty soon, the story comes. Best regards to you, Ruby

  3. It never hurts to write what you don't know. It helps build our imaginations and often it's an educating experience when we need to research things. :D

  4. There would be an awful lot of mundane novels if we only wrote what we knew. That's why we write fiction - to make stuff up!

  5. Oh writing what you already know is just the easy way ;)

  6. Agreed, there are some stories that you can't rely on what you know to help you write. If we all did that, there would be no paranormal or sci-fi books because how many people have met werewolves or traveled in space?

  7. well said, gwen. a mix of fantasy and realism is a fun read.

  8. Wonderful point! I've found that my writing definitely grows richer, the more experiences I've had, but that I rely much more on my imagination to do the real creative work. Keep having experiences and keep pushing yourself to invent beyond them!

    By the way, I love mythical creatures-as-main-characters. How cool that yours is a dragon! Will you post an excerpt? (Or do you need beta readers? <3)