Apr 21, 2012


I have only ever thought of one person I would dedicate a book to - my sister.

(Yeah, I know. We don't look alike. It took two years for two of our high school teachers to realize we were related. XD)

She's a bit crazy. When she's home from school, she likes to steal my bed. She also likes to put the few figurines and toys I have in, ahem, mature situations. She's also very demanding, forcing me to make her brownies and mailing them, and reads through books so much faster than me I find myself hiding my recent purchases and not letting her near them cuz she'd finish them months before I open the cover.

I love teasing her about the fact I'm 1/2 in taller ^_^

But I do love her. She's the only person in my family I can be open about my writing with. My parents tolerate it, but aren't super supportive. (Mom's actually said my creepy stories are the result of deep seated mental issues. I assure you, I'm perfectly sane. Well, as sane as writers are.) My sister however has been there every step of the way with so many stories. I have spent many a car ride with her belting out the lyrics to songs on the radio, but just as many have been focused on helping me world build, figure out characters, and straighten out plots.

She's always been my primary beta reader, though I'll admit she's picky about which stories she reads, but her advice is always solid. She's never like 'I liked it!' and that's it. She answers my questions, brings up valid points, and talks to me about ways to fix problems.

Sometimes she holds my requests over my head. 'I read your story, now send me Reeses!' But I figure, eh, she's family and doing me a favor, so I send her raspberry Hershey Kisses. It's chocolate, so it's all good.

My sis has been with me in my writing journey since 2006. I don't really talk about her, because she is in the background, but she's always there and I really, really appreciate it. She jokes that I'll have to split profits of my first sale with her, and I've always say 'no' XD. But without a doubt, she instrumental in how far I've gotten, and I never say it enough Sis, but thanks. The dedication is all yours. And when I do get a check, I'll finally send you those Reeses.


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Sizzling Sweet Sister


  1. Aww, that's such a lovely post! Your sister sounds like a huge support, and a great person to dedicate a book too!

  2. Your sister sounds great. What a great tribute this post is!

  3. Hello! This is really sweet. I have sister who is 5 years older than I, and she's one of my biggest supports in life and in my writing, too. Sisters are the best!! I'm glad your sis is always there for you and your writing. You better send her those Reeses so she stays on your side!! ;)

    Have a great weekend and happy A to Z!!

  4. I love the way you've said that she's always there in the background. I've got a sis like that too. They're good, aren't they :-)

  5. So cute! I've got a sister like that... two of them actually. And I'd totally dedicate my book to them :)

  6. Sizzling, Sweet, Sister! I am forwarding your blog to my SSS.

  7. I'm very close to my sisters as well, loved this post.