Apr 16, 2012


I didn't have cable in my first apartment, we go everything via digital antennae. But while it was a pain moving it all the time (if we wanted to get ABC it had to be closer to the TV, CBS, it had to be farther), at least we always got good shows. In New Zealand, the basic TV we got was more limited. There was the Maori (native) channel, one that had a lot of soaps, and then C4, the local MTV.

I watched a lot of C4. And New Zealand's Next Top Model. Man, that got addicting. So I was pretty exciting when one of the Kiwi bands hooked up with the show and the models worked on a music video for a challenge.

This simply made me fall in love with Opshop, the band, even more. More than a year later, I still sing this song and get it stuck in my head. It's kinda like looking at a picture, hearing this reminds me of good times so I'll always be sentimentally attached to it.

Then again, I get attached to clothes too. That may be why I've kept dresses from middle school and now use them as tunics.


  1. That video is so cool! And I am continuously awed by your attachment and upkeep of clothing items.

  2. I didn't make the connection that you were talking about Opshop the band and not opshop the type of shop until I got to the video. Considering I saw that episode of Top Model a few weeks ago and the video only a few days ago this concerns me!