Apr 4, 2012


Dictionaries save my life when playing Words with Friends, but I still seem to loose a lot of my games...

I remember learning how to use them as a child, and when I volunteered for 826, and now when I sub elementary students, I encourage their use. Which is funny, because I'm totally a spell check child. My spelling skills royally suck. It's kinda a running gag in my family.

Normally, I would recommend someone pick up a dictionary and just start reading (though I did read the class encyclopedia in 4th grade, until I got to baby and got slightly weirded out). But see, I found one that's rather amusing and it's one of my current bathroom reads:

The Dictionary of the Future! Future, future, future. (Yes, the echo effect was necessary.)

It's excatly as is sounds, and it's quite ingenious. I'm a SF fan, and these guys must be too because there is serious thought in this book. They predicted not only the look of the future, but the lingo that would be used to describe it in so many different societal issues, from aging to technology to figures of speech.

For example:

Cubanglo - residents of Miami's Cuban community who were born in the US

Subscription Restaurants - a concept that will take the private club one step futher. Celebrity chefs will open restaurants that are by subscription only. Customers will fund the restaurant by investing in a 'food bond' in advance; depending on the amount, you're entitled to a certain number of meals per month - which you have to pay for of course. Food bonds will also have liquidity.

Elderweds - couples getting married in sixties, seventies, and beyond.

I'm getting so many ideas from this book it's crazy. I there was a bit of drama when my grandpa started dating after grandma died, if he as actually gotten married...

Granted, this came out in 2001 so some things are off in prediction in the internet and media world. But this is still a really cool read.

What future word can you think of?


Future Fanatical Furbies


  1. I am terrible at making up words, but that dictionary sounds very cool!

  2. I LOVE the word 'elderweds,' that is awesome. My future word/expression is FMOTUS. Cause instead of POTUS and FLOTUS there will be the president and his gay husband, first mister. Yea, I know, that's probably not gonna happen in our lifetime. But it's good to be prepared!

  3. Elderweds might be a real thing :) Too funny!

  4. Hahahaha interesting concepts. I can't help thinking about the future and remembering what the Jetsons said 2010 would look like. :-P

  5. Not even going to try to make up words! But I love the concept.

  6. Thats awesome! I want one now. I'm totally going to go find a Cubanglo now though.

  7. The dictionary of the future--what a cool idea! I'll have to remember to look for it whenever I'm in the US (or Europe, or any other part of the civilized world--"civilized" being directly related to amount of bookstores per capita). Great post, Gwen!

  8. I am a big fan of the dictionary, but it is quite beyond my capacity to think of a future word!


  9. Oh, I love the future words, how fun. Especially elderweds haha. What a great book.

    I still love dictionaries and encyclopedias, I used to love reading through my parents' encyclopedia set when I was a kid.

  10. 'The Dictionary of the Future! Future, future, future. (Yes, the echo effect was necessary.)'

    That was great.

  11. I so love to make up future words in my writing. I keep thinking of words and making myself giggle :)

    Greetings from the A to Z trail,
    Sylvia @ Playful Creative

  12. Oh, this sounds like a fun book :-)